Ally Boot Camp

for allies of queers

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This community is effectively closed.

It has been largely inactive for three years. But it will remain as an archive for people to browse freely if they so wish.


This is a community for allies of queer/LGBT people, and queers who are allies of each other. This community is meant to educate and inform in order to give allies the best possible tools with which to support queer people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, religious beliefs, non-religious beliefs, ability, what have you. We are dedicated to positively aiding each other in the process, and to buidling bridges between not only queer and non queer communities, but between portions of the queer community as well.

Membership is now moderated.

This is a take no shit space
It is a "boot camp" mind you. So don't get defensive if someone calls you on something. Be quiet and listen. We are all here to learn from each other. It's ok if you make a mistake; we all do. You have permission to "screw up", as long as you are willing to acknowlege it and take responsibility for it.

Do not make assumptions
Don't assume a person's sexual orientation, race, faith, or gender. Similarly, do not make assumptions based on a person's sexual orientataion, race, faith, or gender. We are all different and have all been shaped by different experiences. Part of being an ally is understanding the multiplicity of identities in the group(s) one supports.

Be aware
Be conscious of asking questions about people's identity(ies), because they can be very personal. We encourage you to ask questions that will strengthen your understanding of queer issues and identities. Some people will be comfortable answering personal questions, and some people will not. If you are not comfortable answering a question, you are not required to.

Take responsibility
Take responsibility for your priveledge(s) and assumptions, whether your are a queer or nonqueer ally. Understand how this influences your position and your perceptions, and how this impacts others.

Discussions may become heated, but please, refrain from personal attacks. Do not jump on or otherwise pummel an ally if they make a blunder but it was with geniune good intent to learn more.

Self education is important
This is not a queer 101 space if you will. One is not discouraged from joining if you are new to being an ally, but it is preferred that people come to the table with a certain amount of knowledge on queer identities and queer marginalization. Do not expect people to hand you the answers to questions all the time. Go out and do the research yourself. Key to being a good ally is faciliating your own education.

People who make statements that are blatantly intended as personal attacks or threats (ie, you bulldyke man hating feminists!, I will reach through the screen and rip your XYZ out) will be banned, period. No warnings.

Most of all, be constructive and supportive of each other. Listen to each other, learn from each other.

The Mod Squad
Your friendly community mod is mresundance. He's mostly here to ensure that this community remains a safe and positive learning space, and guide members along.

If you have comments or questions, please PM the mod.

Links and Resources
If you have any good links and resources, please share it with the rest of us so we can add it here.

o Communities:

o General LGBT/Allies
Be Good About It, and article on being an ally by trans activist Dean Spade.
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Resources for non-LGBT Allies
Wite Magik Attax (a checklist of tactics people use to deflect their privilege)

o Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Diversity in the Community
An Open Letter to My White Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Sisters and Brothers
Whose Ally?
Help Yourself Out of Racism
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o Transgender, Genderqueer and Intersex
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Trans/Intersex Ally Quiz (Microsoft word document download)
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